Frequently Asked Questions

Is BRRC accepting new members?

No. We have reached our statutory membership limit and are only accepting new members as old memberships are vacated. Sorry.

Have Senior Membership Annual Dues Gone Up?

Yes. As of 2014, senior membership dues have increased to $75.00 per year. The upcoming 2014 revision of the Application Form will reflect this shortly. Renewal notices indicate the new 2014 rate.

Is the BRRC range open to the public?

No we are not. BRRC's facilities are for the exclusive and private use of members and their guests. The club does host high power competition events that are open to any participant.

Why is NRA Membership a requirement?

While many members of BRRC agree with the NRA's political agenda, the actual reason for 100% membership is because the club benefits from preferential treatment in access NRA's competition, range development and insurance programs. Such support is critical for a small club that relies almost exclusive on member volunteers for all operations and maintenance.

What is the procedure to join?

The club is taking applications but is not taking new members at this time. To apply please download the application forms on this page. Fill them out and mail them to BRRC's P.O. Box. DO NOT SEND ANY FUNDS. Do include your proof of NRA membership. Your application will be placed in a queue and you will be contacted in the order received when a membership opening is available to see if you are still interested. You will receive instructions to proceed at that time. All applications will be voted on by the BRRC Board of Directors and upon final approval you will be sent a membership card containing the combination to the gates to the range. You check will not be cashed until after you have been formally initiated.

What are the costs to join BRRC?

The initiation fee for new members is $300.00.

Adult members pay annual dues of $150.00 per year.

A maximum $50.00 credit per member may be earned towards each annual dues payment by providing service to the club at a work party or other approved range operations support tasks such as administering or officiating a club match.

The club prefers member service participation to fees.

We also have associate, junior and senior (65 and older) membership levels available to eligible persons, see the application form for pricing.

I don't know anyone who can sign the sponsorship statement in the application form. What do I do?

If you do not know anyone at BRRC we would be happy to arrange a visit so you can see the range and we can get to know you.

Is BRRC for me?

We believe BRRC is a great club but we also know that shooting interests do vary. As a rule, competitive rifle shooters and recreational shooters will find the club a near perfect fit. People into the shotgun and pistol disciplines will likely find organizations that specialze in these activities more to their liking.

What are the annual dues rules for members?

Club dues are payable to the club at the beginning of each year and must include your current proof of NRA membership with the renewal. Gate combinations are changed in March of each year following a grace period for dues remittances. The club requests all members keep your address, phone number and email address information current with the club in order to receive newsletters and information updates.

Please contact the membership chairman for all matters related to your membership.

Applying to Join BRRC

Sorry we have reached our membership limit.
We are only accepting applications for future consideration.

Interested in becoming a member of BRRC? Contact our membership chairman at to find out more.

Please download the following for PDF files:
Mail your completed forms with payment to the Burbank Rifle & Revolver Club, P.O.Box 90005, Los Angeles, CA 90009

Benefits of Membership

The primary benefit of membership is unlimited access to a private range facility where you can hone your skills, perform load development, train and supervise your family and engage in other shooting related activities on a safely designed range with measured target distances.

An additional benefit of membership is the ongoing opportunity to participate in organized shooting events specifically designed for formal highpower competition in the company of peers on the same firing line ranging in skill from beginners to distinguished masters and olympic candidates.

The final benefit of membership is the opportunity for your friends and family to enjoy a rustic property whose natural beauty rivals the sports activity conducted at the facility.

Membership Procedure

The membership procedure is as follows:
  • Application for membership must be in writing on a properly filled out form as prescribed by the Board of Directors of BRRC.
  • Each application shall be signed by the applicant and by one sponsoring voting class member.
  • The application will go into a queue for processing in the order received as members leave and openings become available. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that an opening will become available.
  • If your appplication comes up for processing, the club will contact you.
  • If you are interested in joining, then forward the required admission fee and dues for the remainder of the year in which application is made, provide that dues paid for less than three months remaining in the year must be accompanied by the full amount of the succeeding year's dues. Note that the dues structure may have changed between the time your application was submitted and the time it comes up for processing. Application fees due will be the amounts prevailing for the club at the time your application is actually processed.
  • A membership committee consisting of three members appointed by the President shall investigate and verify the qualifications of each applicant and endorse the application as recommended for or against admission to membership.
  • Applications endorsed by the membership committee shall be presented to the Board of Directors for final approval or rejection. The Board of Directors shall vote on each applicant with two-thirds of the Board required to elect to membership.